A downloadable game for Windows

Samuel Mark Jones

Welcome to Zombie Shooter Arcade, my first year 'Computing and Games Development' project at Plymouth University. 

Key features:

  1. Easy to use controls with minimal tutorial required!
  2. Fast paced game play with minimal waiting time between levels!
  3. Easy to navigate menu screen with clear cut buttons.
  4. Retro style music to give the game an arcade feel to it.

Installation Instructions:

To play, simply download the Zip File and run the .exe file contained within! Once you have reached the menu screen, simply press START GAME to begin!

Game Controls:

Movement: WASD to move Up,Down,Left,Right.

Shooting & Aiming: Point and click with the mouse to aim and shoot!

Available Platforms: Windows.


Zombie Shooter Arcade.zip 18 MB

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